The projects of Pyrotech Energy are executed using a unique concept. This concept is based on a Mobile Flash Pyrolysis Plant installation that operates at the sources of biomass and is fundamentally different from the traditional approach where biomass is transported to a central plant.

The Mobile Pyrolysis Plant converts local biomass  into bio-crude oil, syn-gas, bio-char and wood vinegar.

This project will help to make forestry and agricultural sector more profitable. The technology that was developed makes use of forestry and agriculture waste, branches, bark leaves, sawdust, stumps, etc. At present, this is left to rot in the forest or burnt, producing methane and CO2 emissions with devastating effects to the earths atmosphere producing no income to the owners of the biomass. Pyrotech Energy wants to make use of its technology for this untapped resource, so the owner of the biomass can augment their income and increase their competitiveness globally.

Turning waste wood into bio- crude oil in local plants is a method of producing a fossil fuel replacement of high value at a low cost as this is powered with wood waste and the bio-crude oil is compressed to one third of the volume of the original wood or almost half of wood pellets. Transportation cost is limiting the use of firewood and pellets are a more compact fuel, however still the practical distance between consumer and supplier is limited to 200 km for the use of them to be sustainable. Liquid bio-fuels have a higher commercial value as they are easier to adapt to applications were liquid fossil fuels are currently used.

We have unique solutions for Biomass with you, if you are,

• Corporate
• State Governments
• Federal Government
• Non-Profit Organisation
• Farmers Co-operatives

Our Technology will give you

* Earn Extra Revenue
* Reducing Fossil Fuel Import
* Employment Generation
* Reduce CO2 Emmisions

2nd Generation Biomass to Bio-Crude Oil &Bio-Chemicals

Benefits of the Concept

Upgrading biomass themselves

Instead of a cost biomass can now be upgraded to new products with a higher market value

Upgrading biomass themselves

Higher value products

Capital costs are lower

Use can be made of existing infrastructures that collect biomass already. New ground doesn't need to be purchased

Capital costs are lower

Local Energy Production

Lower transport costs

Biomass does not need to be transported. Mobile Pyrolysis Plant goes to the biomass location

Lower transport costs

Near Biomass gives business security.

Speed of implementation

The permits to operate mobile installation are obtained faster. Mobile units can be manufactured in months

Speed of implementation

Faster Realization


Pyrotech Energy performs feasibility studies on the realization of a project with the owner of the biomass.The first phase of an Mobile Flash Pyrolysis Plant project is a scoping study, which involves feedstock testing, initial evaluation of the site, project definition, detailed engineering and a preliminary cost estimate. The second includes procurement, module fabrication, site advisory, startup assistance, and operator training.

This studies cover several aspects:

Research the quality of biomass

Cost / benefit analysis

The engineering,  manufacturing, delivery and installation of Mobile Pyrolysis Plants for third parties.

Funding opportunities