A large number of different lignocellulosic feedstock can be proceeded in our Mobile Pyrolysis Plant. Before entering the reactor, feedstock must be reduced to size 15 mm to allow maximum performance for rapid conversion and its moisture content to be below 15% so water content concentration in the pyrolysis oil to be in minimum.

In recent years tests have been carried out in the facilities in the Netherlands with over 40 different kinds of feedstock. For example wood, rice husk, bagasse, sludge, tobacco, energy corps, palm-oil residues, straws, olive stone residue, coconut shells, sugar canes and many more.

The type of feedstock influences the pyrolysis oil yield and quality with low variations in results, with woody biomass giving the highest yields.

Pyrotech Energy Pty Ltd is active in the waste to energy industry. Conversion of biomass to biofuels and bio-chemicals will open new opportunities for farmers, co-operatives and industries. Our Mobile Flash Pyrolysis Plant Technology will offer extra revenue while generate significant local employment. The 2nd Generation Pyroflash Mobile Pyrolysis Plant Technology is a milestone in the biofuel field.

Agricultural Waste to Biofuel and Bio-chemicals.

Agricultural waste is a waste produced as a result of various agricultural operations. It includes crop residues, grass, forest waste etc. Usually it’s disposal is critical as it is in distributed form and in many cases, it result into burning to avoid further handling, ad creating furthermore damage to the environment buy producing pollution and furthermore CO2 emission in the atmosphere. Instead of those emissions created, our technolgy actually neutralises the carbon emissions creates if not sink. Bio-crude oil and other bio-chemicals production from agricultural wastes is a lucrative option supporting local communities and generating employment.

Developed technology to convert agricultural waste into 24/7 renewable energy, bioenergy and bio-chemicals, with our approach in 2nd Generation Pyroflash Technology and its unique separation method, plus the benefits on being mobile converting 2nd Generation Biomass into bioenergy provides a unique solutions for Federal Government and State Governments, having biomass and looking for biofuel production from agriculture waste. We offer agriculture waste to bioenergy as a mobile turnkey solution.

Biomass Comparison

w% dry Wood Wheat straw Sunflower Husk
Cellulose 40-50 33,7 42,7
Hemi-Cellulose 25-35 23,9 24
Lignin 20-25 24,2 23,2
Lipids 1-5 11,2 4,1
Amino Acids 4
Ash 1-5 7 2
Total 100 100
Water w% 15-50 10-20 8



Water content < 15%

Ash content < 2%

Particle size < 15 mm

PyroFlash Feedstock