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Converting Biomass into BioFuels & Biochemicals
Pyrotech Energy is a leading technology licensor and provider of equipment, engineering support and service to the waste to energy industries.

The business has commercialized the eco-fining process for the conversion of biomass into 24/7 renewable energy biofuels and bio-chemicals. Pyrotech Energy wants to contribute to a more sustainable society by providing renewable alternatives to fossil fuels.

This will be done through the delivery and deployment of mobile pyrolysis plants utilising 2nd generation PyroFlash and PyroGasification reactors for converting waste wood and agriculture residues into biofuels and other high valued bio-chemicals in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner.

Our projects/applications explores how to optimise the contribution of woody waste streams and agriculture residue into renewable energy provision and legitimate commercial income generation – given its comparative advantages as the predominant form of rural energy in most developed countries and widely available at all times, increasingly convertible into all major energy forms (liquid, gas, heat and electricity), readily carbon neutral or even a carbon sink and restoring  unproductive degraded lands and enhancing  agricultural productivity-,by fostering green smart applications and innovations.

We foster green smart innovations and provide new tools and technologies that sequester carbon and rescue endangered ecosystems by focus on sustainable technologies for reusing and recycling in novel ways. Active in the bioenergy sector, and securing a strategic partnership with exclusive distribution agreement rights with NettEnergy B.V. we deploy technology which mimic nature.

Our mobile platforms use pyrolysis technology to convert waste streams into 24/7 renewable energy biofuels and bio-chemicals without using any catalyst and without producing any waste streams is now mature and in production stage. We can now multiply the concept and deliver actual Mobile Pyrolysis Plants to our customers. The biofuels can be used in a variety of applications, such as space heating, industrial process heating (furnaces, kilns, boilers, etc.) and electrical generation. It can be fired on its own or co-fired with other fuels, such as fossil fuel oil, coal, waste fuels and biomass. In addition, the biofuels can be further refined into green transportation fuels within a bio-refinery. The bio-chemicals produced from our installations biochar and wood vinegar are emerging technologies with numerous applications in agriculture and environmental remediation1. Advocates and early adopters of these products are well versed in their positive attributes. Biochar and wood vinegar, for example, has been shown generally to increase crop yields, remediate soil, reduce soil greenhouse gas emissions, and sequester carbon amongst many other applications.

The Concept

Our installations are universally applicable mobile pyrolysis plants which enables decentralised woody and agriculture waste streams transformation through a thermochemical process moderately to highly effective bio-crude oil, syngas, biochar and wood vinegar.

Our company wants the conversion of biomass to energy and high valued raw materials to become available to small, decentralized local applications in rural regions at the source of the waste streams.

In our view, the owners of biomass are enabled to convert their biomass more valuable products. Pyrotech Energy provides projects and solutions for energy savings installations on site where the biomass is converted into 24/7 renewable energy and high quality products.

The concept is based on a Mobile Pyrolysis Plant and has four principles:
A mobile unit goes to the biomass storage location.
It locally converts biomass into bio-crude oil, biochar, wood vinegar and syngas.
The syngas is used locally to generate electricity and heat.
The bio-crude oil and bio-chemicals products are used locally or at another facility.

Why this Concept?

This concept was introduced by NettEnergy B.V. in Europe recognizing that central processing of biomass is in the long term not viable. Because centralized processing always remains dependent on the owners of biomass, transportation costs and labour costs. If these owners increase the price of their biomass most central plants are no longer economically viable. This concept is ideal for municipalities, forest owners and farmers. The projects of Pyrotech Energy are executed using a unique approach to each application based on a mobile installation that operates at the sources of biomass. This concept is fundamentally different from the traditional approach where biomass is transported to a central plant.

Our concept is fundamentally different using two different routes: PyroFlash and PyroGasification. PyroFlash main scope is the production of liquid bio-fuels (bio-crude oil) and bio-chemicals (wood vinegar) simultaneously producing solid bio-chemicals (biochar) and gaseous bio-fuels (syngas) in less quantities. PyroGasification main scope is the conversion of the waste streams into gaseous bio-fuels (syngas) and solid bio-chemicals (biochar)

Mobile Pyroflash Plant 10 Ton conversion yields:

  • 25% = 2500 litres of bio-crude oil with a HHV between 17MJ/kg and 24 MJ/kg,
  • 10% = 1000 kg of biochar,
  • 25% = 2500 litres of wood vinegar on a daily basis and
  • 40% = 50 KW/h of energy through its syngas production.
Mobile Gasification Plant 10 Ton conversion yields:
  • 90% Syngas with LHV 5.4MJ/kg up to 6.8 MJ/kg
  • 10% Biochar

Note: The conversion of 10 tons of waste streams with the PyroGasification route will convert into a 400Kw/h energy producer with a gas generator and produce 1350Kw/h thermal nett energy.


  • Flexible, versatile, access to remote areas, turnkey operation, remote controlled solution, mobile, portable and bolt on configurations.
  • Mobile modular design: the plant operates on a heavy duty, standard size pull trailer for easy transportation and set-up. The unit is also collapsible, making it safe and energy efficient to transport over existing roads and off-road right-of-ways.
  • Power generation: the plant generates its own power through the recycled use of process syngas making the process self-sustainable.
  • Novel reactor design: the heart of the mobile pyrolysis plant is its novel moving bed reactor with patented heat recovery system and patented unique separation system, enabling the pyrolysis process to operate at higher temperatures with lower input energy requirements making it the only mobile pyrolysis system employing separation technology.
  • Novel feeding system: The proprietary pulse feeding technology increases the biomass feeding rate over traditional feeding technologies in the reactor.
  • In terms of CO2 balance, the bio-crude oil produced by a 10-ton plant represents a potential reduction of 16,600 tons of CO2 emissions per year. If the syngas is used fully, this would represent a further 25,509 tons of equivalent emissions reduction. If the biochar was used for sequestration, rather than for industrial uses, then the CO2 sink potential represents further 18,412 tons in reduced emissions.

Thermochemical conversion & valorization of agriculture & woody residue into 24/7 renewable energy, biofuels & bio-chemicals without using a catalyst and without producing any waste streams.

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