Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

One of the striking trends in the energy markets in the past two years has seen the emergence of Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (Corporate PPAs).

Under a Corporate PPA, electricity users agree to buy power or/and Large Generation Certificates generated from a renewable energy project at a fixed price over a longer-term period.

Companies around the world are taking advantage by buying their power from renewable sources through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This is a contract covering a fixed term that guarantees you an agreed amount of electricity from renewable sources at an agreed price. Since 2015 over 21 gigawatts of PPAs have been signed worldwide by the most forward-thinking companies and Pyrotech Energy is proud to be entering this market to support businesses which want to utilize their waste streams and convert them into renewable energy through the gasification route.

How will a Corporate PPA benefit your company with Pyrotech Energy?


By fixing some, or all your annual electricity costs, you are protecting against future energy price rises. In an unstable global economy this can provide peace of mind against factors outside of your control. Plus, with renewable energy now providing the lowest-cost form of energy generation, Pyrotech Energy will provide the most competitive costs in the market. Another advantage of entering on such an agreement is the zero capital investment cost which requires to outlay on renewable projects.


You can do well by doing good and a Corporate PPA are one of the fastest ways to achieve your sustainability goals. We can provide accurate information about the huge amount of carbon a PPA will offset and live data on the amount of power a renewable project is generating on your premises.

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A Corporate PPA will ensure you receive the sustainability recognition you deserve plus stand out from competitors. Plus, your customers will feel good about using your products and services.

If interested on your waste streams and biomass to be converted into 24/7 renewable energy through our thermochemical and valorisation PyroGasification route get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to assist you on a 1-hour consultation non –obligatory phone call or alternately fill in our get in touch form or request form.

Corporate PPAs benefit buyers, sellers and the broader community. The need of capital to fund new renewable generation assets/projects continues to rise as consumer’s demand increased access to cleaner renewable energy. Renewable Corporate PPAs allow generators to get projects funded and built by providing revenue certainty for new assets. Corporate PPAs ensure a reduction of carbon footprint via a secure and predictable supply of green energy with more consistent pricing.

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