Third Party Projects

The projects of Pyrotech Energy are executed using a unique concept. This concept is based on a mobile platform utilising our PyroFlash Plant or PyroGasification installations that operates at the sources of biomass and is fundamentally different from the traditional approach where biomass is transported to a central plant.

The installations convert local biomass into products (bio-crude oil, syngas, biochar and wood vinegar) through PyroFlash and electricity or thermal applications through PyroGasification. (Syngas, Biochar).

These applications will help to make forestry and agricultural sector more profitable while giving them the opportunity to participate in much favourable environmental practices with a sustainable approach and help accelerate the circular economy and significantly reduce their GHG emissions. The technology that was developed makes use of forestry and agriculture waste, branches, bark leaves, sawdust, stumps, olive residue, grape residue, rice husk & straw, wheat stubble, sugar cane waste, nut shell waste etc. At present, this is left to rot in the forest creating hazards for bushfires or deliberately burnt, producing methane and CO2 emissions with devastating effects to the earth’s atmosphere producing no income to the owners of the biomass. In other cases, the waste streams have to be delivered to a landfill adding a cost in their operations.  Pyrotech Energy wants to make use of its technology for this untapped resource, so the owner of the biomass can augment their income and increase their competitiveness globally.

Turning waste wood and agriculture residue and waste into products in decentralized applications is a method of avoiding the landfills, producing fossil fuels replacement of high value at a low cost as this is powered with the waste streams into 24/7 renewable energy through the bio-crude oil applied for thermal use or syngas for renewable electricity applications and reusable/reproposed products with higher value which can be applied into their operations. (Biochar, Wood vinegar)

We have unique solutions for Biomass with you, if you are,

Our Technology will give you the opportunity to:


Pyrotech Energy performs feasibility studies on the realization of a project with the owner of the biomass. The first phase of an application/project is a pre-feasibility study with a project identification and understanding the customer needs and preliminary cost estimate, then moving to second phase with a feasibility study which involves feedstock testing, initial evaluation of the site, project definition, and cost estimate. Phase three is detailed engineering and project development, with final phase which includes procurement, commissioning, module fabrication, delivery of module, start-up assistance, and operation training.

This studies cover several aspects:

Acknowledging that every feedstock is different and knowing the diversity of waste streams and their chemical composition, the pyrolysis results may vary. We provide you with the possibility of testing your own waste streams on a pilot scale operated in our HQ in the Netherlands. By performing a pilot scale test you will receive the results that will correspond accurately on your operational needs. Whether you are a waste manager, or a company that is designing or want to find ways to sustainable find alternative uses of waste streams or designing a treatment centre, this obtained information will assist you to navigate through your application/project preparation, arranging off-take contracts and permitting procedures.

Our pilot scale testing that we perform include:

All test reports are concluded and signed by the most reputable independent laboratories in Europe that we collaborate with to achieve the best possible advice for implementation of applications.

If interested on your waste streams and biomass thermochemical and valorisation results get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to assist you on a 1-hour consultation non –obligatory phone call or alternately fill in our get in touch form or request form.

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