To produce sustainable hydrogen one has two options. Solar/Wind in combination with electrolysers and the gasification route.

The electrolyser route is resulting in a hydrogen cost price of 8 AUS$/kg H2 (Electricity price of 10c/ KWH) when based on 8000 hours/day operation. However solar/wind is only available for 2000+ hours/year resulting in a cost price of 14 AUS$/kg H2 as below graph shows.

The current price of hydrogen production using natural gas is around 2 AUS$/kg H2 (without CO2 taxation). Electricity price has to drop dramatically and CAPEX as well to have electrolysers become competitive, which is unlikely.

The gasification route has much more potential to match the natural gas based pricing of hydrogen. There are a number of reasons:

  • The process can operate 8000 hours/year
  • The process doesn’t require an electricity infrastructure (no grid investment)
  • The process can utilize multiple feedstock’s: Agricultural waste, MSW, Industrial waste, Forestry waste
  • The feedstock can have negative pricing, lowering the hydrogen cost price
  • Fast realisation – no windfarm or solar farm are pre requisites

By focussing on gasification the Australian government is solving two birds with one stone: valorisation of waste and reducing fossil fuels consumption. Electrolysers only do the latter.

A waste to hydrogen route is a solution that can be applied quickly throughout the country and has enormous export value

Hydrogen is produced from the syngas of the PyroFlash or PyroGasification installations using our SYN2H technology. With this route we produce green hydrogen.

The SYN2H technology is aimed at converting syngas into pure hydrogen. The traditional route to convert syngas into hydrogen requires a catalyst for the water- gas shift reaction, CO+H2O>CO2+H2 to boost hydrogen production.

Our SYN2H technology is unique in its requirements to produce hydrogen as:

  • There are no catalyst requirements.
  • There is no pressurization of syngas needed.
  • No oxygen blown gasifiers needed, air blown suffice.

Gasifiers equipped with our SYN2H extension become serious rivals of the electrolysis route to hydrogen. The combination has a number of advantages over electrolysis.

  • 24/7 production of hydrogen as there is no dependence on solar or wind to provide the electricity.
  • No dependence of water for the electrolysis.
  • Its build to be autarkic in its own energy demand.
  • Can use multiple feedstock’s from wood waste and agriculture residue to yield hydrogen.
  • Decentralized applications in rural areas where the source of feedstock is.
This application will be commercially available on the 3rd quarter of 2021
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