Unique Process Turns Waste Biomass into Renewable Energy

Mobile Pyrolysis Plant to Convert Biomass and Agriculture Residue to Bio Fuels.

Pyrotech Energy Pty Ltd an Australian Energy Firm active in the Biomass Field established a collaboration and with Dutch firm Nettenergy BV for its Pyroflash Technology. Nettenergy’s Pyroflash Technology converts Waste Biomass to Liquid Fuels and Recycleable Bio Chemicals. This venture establishes Marketing and Licensing arrangements for the Pyroflash Technology.

“We have huge Waste Biomass available which can be converted to useful renewable energy and other high value Bio-chemicals contributing to local job growth and establishing a legitimate commercial income generation with the potential to save thousands of CO2 emissions per year by polluting the Earth’s atmosphere. Based on this technology, we estimate an income generation of more than hundreds of millions on local Businesses in the next 3-4 Years” Says CEO Christos KarantonisPyrotech Energy Pty Ltd.

We are looking to establish this innovative approach to converting waste matter to useful renewable energy source with multiple beneficial social economic contributions in a green environmentally friendly manner. Our plans are to establish manufacturing facilities in each prominent market in Australia, NZ, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific nations. This Venture will open new opportunities.

Rob Vasbinder, MD, Nettenergy, was happy that his company’s efforts paid off. It takes a lot of effort starting from concept till framing it, into a successful model and to a mature production line. Our PyroFlash Technology can deliver Bio-Crude Oil, Wood Gas, Bio-Char and other useful higher value products with few minutes of processing. A portion of its Wood Gas production is used to self-sufficiently propel the Mobile Pyrolisis Plant making it independent from diesel use or any electricity applications and having a surplus to supply local power generation equivalent to 50KW/h and can be distributed to the Power Grid.

The PyroFlash Technology that we have developed is unique in its production of Bio-Crude Oil, Wood Gas, Bio-Char and other valuable bio-generated products, it is scalable and has advantages due to its mobile operations and makes it an attractive business model.

Christos Karantonis, CEO, Pyrotech Energy emphasis on establishment of local job growth. It’s Annual Income Generation and quick Return of Investment makes it a perfect green environmentally business model win win solution with many social-economic benefits. Conversion of Biomass to Bio-Fuels and Bio-Chemicals will open new opportunities.”

‘We would like to offer customised solutions to Governments, Corporate, Local Councils and Private Investment for long term secured returns which have Waste Biomass and looking for Income and Employment Generation and Fuel security. We even invite investors to come forward for good, long term returns” For more information please visit https://pyrotechenergy.com/technology/ ; https://pyrotechenergy.com/company/ ;
https://pyrotechenergy.com/products/ ; https://pyrotechenergy.com/applications/

CEO, MD, Christos Karantonis R.J.Vasbinder Msc
info@pyrotecenergy.com info@nettenergy.com
Pyrotech Energy Pty Ltd Nettenergy BV
Melbourne, Vic, Australia Boskoop, Netherlands
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